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  1. ya it seems to be working correctly now with the exception that their is a specific PUP i cannot seem to remove no matter how many times I scan
  2. Periodically malewarebytes software will not open. Double clicking from windows explorer and running as administrator does not help. Running the repair software or FRST64.exe gets it to open I have attached my FRST results and repair tool results mbst-grab-results.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. That seemed to fix it, do we know if this fixed the core issue?
  4. Malewarebytes will not open when i click the icon, and now after restarting my computer does not show up in my system tray. Please help!
  5. I understand turning the notifications off will prevent the window from popping up but that won't solve my underlying issue of the infection itself. Is there a solution to remove the initiation of these connections?
  6. Hey there, I am unable to remove some infection that causes popups within my mozilla browser. Malewarebytes Premium on my PC blocks these sites however when I run a scan It can't seem to detect the infection. It does detect something in my my chrome browser but won't remove that permanently either. Attached are the required documents. Thanks FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat Scan Log.txt
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