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  1. Hi Firstly many thanks for the prompt response and very helpful advice. I was fairly certain that I had uninstalled McAfee a few months back as it was not updating properly. I've done a search of my laptop and can find no evidence of it other than a (leftover) folder in Programme Files (x86). I suppose as an aside at this point I should ask whether it is still advisable to have an anti-virus programme that is independent of Malwarebytes? I realise this was the case in the past but have since been under the impression that it was no longer necessary as Malwarebytes provided protection against both malware and viruses. A few weeks back I ran a trial version of ESET as I had been re-directed to a potentially dangerous website after clicking on a link that looked perfectly safe. This revealed no issues of concern other than a couple of 'PUPs' one of which I'm sure was linked to the Bonjour programme. That being said Bonjour is still among my listed apps. Would you recommend a full uninstall of Bonjour or just disabling it? Judging by your advice in your initial post it would appear the former is the better option as it provides no real benefit other than very specific functions which I am unlikely to ever use. One last point, the ESET scan also also to uninstall utorrent as, like with McAfee, I can see no evidence of this programme when doing a search on my laptop. I have done a further Malwarebytes scan and no threats were detected so sorry if I've created more confusion with all the additional info. Thanks again for your help and if there is any further advice you think is worthwhile telling me please do so whenever is convenient.
  2. Hello A couple of peculiar things happened this morning. Firstly my web protection setting had turned itself off and I had to restart my computer for it to come back on again. Secondly I wasn't able to log into the forum and was eventually locked out after entering my password too many times. I then received an email confirming this but it said the log in attempts had come from a different location from where I live. Obviously it would be very much appreciated if this could be investigated so if someone doesn't mind looking into it I've attached the relevant MB, Adw and FRST files for you to examine. If you need anything else please just let me know. Many thanks Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C01].txt FRST.txt MB Scan.txt
  3. Hi Nasdaq I have successfully removed that application as requested. All seems fine but will certainly let you know if anything else crops up. Once again much appreciate all your help. Cheers
  4. Hi Nasdaq Here are the files for you to review as requested. Thanks again. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Thanks, Nasdaq I will do this as soon as I next have an opportunity!
  6. Hi Nasdaq First off thank you so much for your very helpful efforts so far. However, before proceeding I should probably tell you that I might have found what was causing the problem. I think when I visited that website I may have clicked 'yes' when prompted with the generic 'allow notifications' message. Therefore in my Chrome settings menu I removed same website from my 'allow' list and since then I am no longer receiving the pop-ups. Apologies for wasting yours or anyone else's time but do you think it is probably safe to say that there is probably isn't an infection on the machine or do you think that it is still worthwhile running the checks anyway just to be sure? If we do the only thing I would say is that I received a warning message from Windows Defender (something that I don't think I've seen activate previously) when attempting to run Farbar application. Just wanted to be sure it would be OK to proceed regardless of this alert? Thanks again for your assistance.
  7. I forgot to add that neither Malwarebytes nor McAfee have picked up any signs of infection in their respective scans.
  8. Hello Obviously I've been rather silly. I realise it is a cliche to say so but normally I am pretty careful which websites I visit. Unfortunately late last night after a couple of drinks I went on a website called 'cartoonsons' to watch a couple of episodes of Family Guy. I'm pretty sure I've been on there before without a problem but yesterday none of the videos were working anyway so I just went to bed. Unfortunately since I turned on my laptop this morning I am receiving random Chrome popup ads which relate to this same website containing additional info regarding video streaming or something similar. In addition to this there has also been at least one other message about dating for singles which I would hope at least relates to same issue. Any help or advice would be most appreciated and please let me know if I can provide any additional information that may help resolve this problem.
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