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  1. thank you so much! you help a lot bro! Godbless to you and your family!
  2. thank you! i think you fixed it, there is no more popping detection on my avast. thank you so much. ill still observe it and let you know if there is still issues. thank you so much Godbless you brother!
  3. i download a fresh copy of chrome and the steps you've given Fixlog.txt
  4. i cant open chrome so do i need to install it first to this or ill do this to my phone?
  5. okay thankyou ill uninstall and install it again. i will let you know what will happen thankyou so much. i might install google again because its exe file is gone now.
  6. i still cant open chrome now, there is no log, i just post a screenshots for you to know, it keeps detecting .exe files and sending them to virus chest, but virus chest dont have any files on it.
  7. its still the same, avast still detecting win32:Apanas[trj] Fixlog.txt
  8. thankyou for your fast response Godbless! mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. So i just have this weird detection were avast detects different .exe files. I cant open chrome because of this.
  10. So ive got this issue where, everytime i open my league of legends client, its suddenly crash and detects the svchost.exe as a mawalre, even tho i delete it many times it just restore automatically. thanks in advance
  11. my antivirus is avast, there is a message just pop up "threat has been detected" like 10x and thats is what a referring, there is called virus chest in avast where all the detected files stored its just like the quarantine in malware, i deleted all the detected files in the virus chest. qnd then i scan with malwarebytes and avast, but there is no log report of the scan in avast and also before i scan with avast i already uninstalled the unknown software that had been installed, i also clear the temp files and i also deleted all the unknown folder that has been created on that time. then my antivirus did not detect anything when i scan.
  12. so this is my 3rd scan with the malwarebytes malwarebytes.txt
  13. Hi Yoan! Thankyou for replying, Im glad youre helping me with this, so this is my frst and addition.txt attachments. Thankyou very much and Godbless you! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. So i download this software window 10 activator and then suddenly my antivirus detected malware and now my laptop is slow as f. so can someone help me i tried to scan like 3 time with the use of malwarebytes but still i dont think my laptop is safe, can someone pls help me with this, what do i need to do?
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