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  1. One of my main concerns is whether the hacker just got into my other email account and is accessing other sites through there, or whether he/she/they hacked and have access to my entire computer. Hoping someone here can help. When hacking occurred last year, I assume they got in through a download. Bunches of colored boxes (Microsoft?) consistently popped up on screen saying I'd been hacked. I tried to run Microsoft virus removal tool, Malwarebytes, and some other one, but none would complete the process. I've heard that's a sign computer's been hacked. Yesterday, I received similar colored boxes once, but informing me the recovery email account I had connected to my Microsoft account had its password changed. Hacker was in my Microsoft, changed all my info, etc., so now he/she/they can access it but I can't. However, I ran Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Adware removal last night and this morning, they both completed correctly, and the scans both came up clean. Would this mean my computer itself is safe? Also, I did a factory reset a couple of months ago, and have not downloaded anything, have not clicked any links.
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