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  1. Hello all. I have been dealing with this enginee and whone problem for a long time by myself. I have formated the phone several times. When I found this thread I registered because it is again on my phone and I am so tired of it. I wish someone could explain to me how to block it via firewall or something because my skills in this area are not very deep. I would also be thankful if someone could point me to good resources where I can learn, I am new to this site. I have some comments that I would like to add: I have google services disabled from my phone (I wish there was a true free os for smartphones... I keep waiting for years). I have very little apps installed, all from f-droid. I have installed pocket via Yalp Store ( I fear this might be the reason). On the same day that enginee appeared on my phone, something entered my laptop aswell... extrange taps open on firefox. I am only trying to have control over my info, are they really spying with this from a weapon company???? Why then is it so anoying?
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