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  1. So far, so good! No pop ups since my last post & last MWB scan showed NO malware... We have a happy camper onboard. Thank you!
  2. I sent the report as you instructed. Now I have good news. I was able to successfully root the Fire! Used this method: https://forum.xda-developers.com/hd8-hd10/general/hd-10-2017-offline-rooting-t3734860 Then I deleted the (LiveWallpaper...) apk's from /system/app I will monitor the Fire and see if I still get any pop up ads, and watch for any developments the dumpfile I sent will show. Thanks!
  3. I bought a Kindle Fire HD-10 (PrimeSaleDay) and soon after using it I started getting pop-up ads, some with a loud "Congratulations!" vocal message. They are incessant and I reported the issue to Amazon. It is still in process. They suggested Malwarebytes which I have used. This is what I get: Malware found! Remove selected android/Adware.MobiDash.NC Confirmation Do you want to remove selected item? OK Disable system app is a system app and connot be uninstalled. Please disable this app manually and we will automaticall add it to whitelist. Disable Then I get a sc
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