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  1. Hi there, A few weeks ago i have requested a review for the websites: http://yourlakeside.com.au https://yourlakeside.com.au However they still are being flagged as Phishing in Virus Total. Can you please review them again? (I have already clean my browsing history before reanalysing in Virus Total) Thanks, Felipe
  2. Hi Andres, I don't have MB antivirus. It has been picked up on virustotal.com, which I ran another scan this morning and it seems to be cleared on your database, thanks for that. However, we have another flag on another website: Detected as phisinh http://yourlakeside.com.au/ and https://yourlakeside.com.au/ Should I open another topic for these?
  3. Hi there, Our website was tagged as Phishing. Could you please review it? it is a Real Estate webpage. http://peppercornhill.com.au Please note, there is a secure version of the website now, which is not blacklisted, however the peppercornhill.com.au is. Thanks in advance, Felipe.
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