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  1. Rescanned both PCs. The PUP was found again but this time the result was quarantine. The Malware was not 'found' or reported. Revisited the scheduled scan and found that 'Quarantine found threats automatically' was not checked. Can this topic be deleted?
  2. In my last scheduled scan some malware and PUP items were found by Malwarebytes. The result is 'found' though and not 'quarantined'. They are listed in the 'Detections Cleaned' section of the dash board. However I would like to verify that they have been cleaned or if there are additional steps needed. Scan is set to 'treat detections as malware' for PUPs
  3. I am finding that MBEndpointAgent service is not starting. PC shows as offline in the management console. Manually starting the service creates the system tray icon and the PC shows as online in the console. Machine is Win 7 Pro 64
  4. New logs sent. Powershell commands were run and PC rebooted. The icon did not appear.
  5. I sent the logs in a direct message to vbarytskyy. The MBEndpointAgent service is running. I also found that the tray and context menu work if logged into the machine as an administrator.
  6. I am having the same issue, but the above fix did not work. Additionally the 'Scan with Malwarebytes' option in the context menu is also grayed out. This is a Windows 10 endpoint, which is registered with the server and appears to be running scheduled scans.
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