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  1. TescoBrandJewels

    Help please!

    I’m really worried, wouldn’t want my accounts to be taken.
  2. TescoBrandJewels

    Help please!

    So I was on YouTube. But I accidentally clicked one of those scam gta v ads, I did not click anything on the site as far as I am aware. Im on an iPhone 8+ IOS 12.1 I can give the link if you need it
  3. TescoBrandJewels

    Everyone wants to be like Malwarebytes

    Sounds like a good setup.
  4. TescoBrandJewels

    Everyone wants to be like Malwarebytes

    I mean, Jesus. But I did have tracking cookies from a lot of adware sites I had been redirected to that one time so uh. Yeah. Browser extension then...
  5. TescoBrandJewels


    Why doesn’t malwarebytes have deeta recovery software? The better anti virus choice is clear
  6. TescoBrandJewels

    Everyone wants to be like Malwarebytes

    Hitman pro would like a word with you (pls don’t murder me)
  7. TescoBrandJewels


    Thank you, it has been sorted. A moderator PMd me and sorted it out. Thank you very much for replying!
  8. TescoBrandJewels


    I had a dodgy download, half way through it went laggy so I ran a scan with malwarebytes. The only result was a PUP that was there before. Im extremely paranoid, can you give me a way to check? https://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html

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