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  1. Nothing was found. The scan-log file is attached. Should we trust that? eset-saved-log.txt
  2. Hi , Sorry it took me so long again. Do you want me to run the frst program with th fixlist? Thank you
  3. Oh , forgot to m ention. I could not signout of google or other email program. I had to swith the pc off. When restarted i was still logged into these prgrams. Someone is taking over my pc. I think my windows installation should be checked as well. Maybe I login to his pc or his account? I have no idea how that works. Im just saying.
  4. Hi, Last night I had put my pc to sleep and today I want to start again. No screen! Dark I found your email to download where it says start downloading "here". Websute blocked Can't go to the site. I'm telling you. Someone is blocking me in such a way that even any software or expert can find. This is different from all viruses or hackers i had before. I'm really helpless with this problem. I have to login 3 times on my mobile since I had connected it a week ago to my pc.
  5. Hi , I have seen no takenover my website or screen . What I still had noticed is that however the screen is smaller now it still happens that when restarted after windows start I get two flashing DOs black screens appearing very fast and away again. They were bigger before, now they're smaller.
  6. Hi it takes very long. Should I have first run a scan or fix imidiately? I pressed the fix button as soon as it opened up.
  7. Hi, I foind these files on my pc. They were in a map called: FRST . I had creates a special new map to also add the fixlist in. After you told me you're looking for the log files, i had started new Run. Pls check att. FRST_05-10-2021 01.53.10.zip
  8. But there's no fixlog.txt . I had the program running from a special mao as seen in the image attached. IF you look at the file frst64 you'l see tht its the 2nd download. But i have downloaded it ONLY once. This happens all the time, as if someone is grabbing the 2nd one! But No fixlog.txt there
  9. OK Just did what you'd asked. Thank you Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. BTW, He's blocking me again. Right niow. Slowing me down. he's watching every move i make.
  11. Hi, Well, I think he had taken over my pc completeley. I couldn't move anything at a given time. Blocked all my browsers and pages. Even antivirus was blocked Then I was able to to close everything and disconnected the network and I could run a MB scan. And found 15 cases, which MB couldn't find with the network running. After that I ran the windows repair tool and it found a bunch of errors. Perhaps you want to take a look at what it found? I have attached the files, Reagards. 10.4.2021_1.18.19-AM.zip MB-SCAN-REPORT.txt
  12. sorry for not replying sooner. I had so many problems here. I have done what you said and it l ooked like everything was back to normal but then it happened again. I had to run my pc for about 3 days ...looked beautifull and then suddenly when accessing a new program. Website Software, that was new I got blocked. My screen got frozen and couldn't do anything. This happenend to me many times before. I tried to see what would happpen if i installed avast antivirus. First not possible. But then i managed to do so. It was all clean:-) I have removed F-secure. Then I got a message that my firewall was a basic one so i tried to install zonealarm, but i was not allowed:-) Finally after 3 times i succeeded. But he's still somewhere. Shall I run the FBAR program again? AJ.
  13. Hi, I get strange situations where I can't see buttones on a website where I need to click to login for example. Also noticed that I I can't installe certain extensions in Chrome which I can install in Edge .And the start of browsers etc...is very slow. Also w hen I download something alsway see that Ihave downloaded twice, but that's not true. I had ran a FRST Report that will attach here. That will tell more I guess. Thank you Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. I had tried this part and the reason I asked was because after selecting "enable safe mode' the pc restarted but there was no sign of being in safe mode. I'm familiar with that , but it wasn't there. Even after the reboot I had to login again and could only login with the 'Act" account. Continuing with this part was not possible. There is no 'newadmin' choice . I'm going to try to make a video with my camera, and get back to you. Of course i have tried the dirst parts of the instructions.
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