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  1. I had tried this part and the reason I asked was because after selecting "enable safe mode' the pc restarted but there was no sign of being in safe mode. I'm familiar with that , but it wasn't there. Even after the reboot I had to login again and could only login with the 'Act" account. Continuing with this part was not possible. There is no 'newadmin' choice . I'm going to try to make a video with my camera, and get back to you. Of course i have tried the dirst parts of the instructions.
  2. I did. It's visible in the video at 00.0032
  3. Hi, Ok I checked the unlock option for the folder. Here is a video about it: A corona infection?🙂 2020-02-12_18-22-38.mp4
  4. I'd done exactly what you've said. enable safemode. ( How can i see that i am in safe mode?) Only the bakcground was different and no internet connection. So that's safe mode? But it doesn't matter. I still had to login to my user acc. and also when I tried to run the Mbar program. It wants a password.
  5. Hi, Yes , tried this as well. But I can't install it because it wants me to login as administrator. And it says the password is not correct. I can't go any further.
  6. Tried to install the tool but i have to login as administrator. 3 or 4 days ago i had to change my password which I did, and now the password isn't recognised. Also the old one doesn't work. I can't install the tool. And I am sure it's the correct password, I wrote it down a paper. .
  7. That's what I said in my response. I downloaded the farbar program Then opened it to run and at once there was a message that said 'Done' Fixlog created and showed me the frst. txt..(which i named -fake). All that on it's own doing I have not done anything myself. This fixlog was suddnely there. Then i opened farbar again and now ran it and that generated the frst.txt and the Addition.txt files. My mouse is not wireless., but a usb mouse which is corded.
  8. Very strange. I downloaded the Farbar software and opened it. But i got a message immediately that said that the scan was done. Before i had the chance to run it. And a frst64 log file was created:-) PLus another ficlog dile? Addition.txt Fixlog.txt FRST-(fake).txt FRST.txt 8-2-2020.txt
  9. Hi , the mouse is a USB mouse. I have scanned with MB .(clean:) scanned with mcaffee scanned with 360 Total security The mouse is definitely under external control Shall I follow the link you sent me/ Thanks
  10. Hi, my computer is hacked. This is what I had noticed: -- Roboform : I have to login again while i was already logged in. Malwarebytes: not activated Mouse moves on it's own and looks at different icons on screen Paypal: Wrong login. login again Youtube: made a post and got 4 to 5 post of the same instead of one. Are this not the the signs that I'm jacked
  11. Hi Kevin, I haven't seen anything happening anymore like 2 days ago. The Awcleaner must have removed all I guess. And I don't understand where it came from because I do not click on unknown links anymore. Let me get back with you in a week or so. I'll honor you service as well at that time. I want to thank for now, AJ
  12. Hi, Sophos didn't find anything. The fixlog is attached. I don't get it. Perhaps they were removed by awcleaner yesterday. AJ Fixlog.txt
  13. Hi Kevin, I have a an antivirus running which I couldn't close, 'Heimdal' and I got an error when running Farbar. Also attached. Please let me k now if I have to remove Heimdal first. Thank you. AJ . Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C07].txt FRST.txt MBam.txt
  14. Hi , Already for some time I have the feeling that i am hacked but could never find what's going on. Today I looked at my Housecall network connections and I see something strange. I have two routers? Connected on two differen mac addresses and ip . Also when I open the program I get 5 windows. That happened today. I have added two pics for you to see. IS that normal? Can you advice? Thank you
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