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  1. Today it happened.. even when the other 3 extention were disableded. 2018-08-11 13-11-07.mp4
  2. it happened again with the 1.0.26 version too.. 2018-08-03 14-54-30.mp4
  3. Sure thing! I will write if it happens again. (btw usually the issue happened if the computer was turned off, or if Chrome wasnt open for a long time)
  4. Hey! I tried to follow the steps, and i get to the 9. step, but i dont know what do you mean by " Revisit the site in question or try to reproduce the issue". Can you please explain it to me? i am kinda noob at this... btw the issue happened again. I opened Chrome, and lots of blocked sites appeared next to my home page.
  5. I reinstalled the extension, and watched the computer for 5+ hr and nothing happend.. i guess it was some kind of weird bug
  6. i think it was closed, but i am not sure. I will sit in front of the computer now, just to test will it happen again. Maybe i will write again after a sleep (it is 1:53 am right now), so hope you will reply later, too
  7. Hey! Thanks for the info! It happened again, while i was in my bathroom. It seems it opens just websites that are downloading stuffs. I runed HitmanPRO, i runned a full scan with EmsiSoft (that is my main AV) but nothing.. neither find anything. I will run MalwareBytes and Kaspersky just to be sure... but i noticed that as soon as i turned off the extension, it closed all of the websites. and at manage extension in Chrome, after i clicked to Malwarebytes, under Inspect views there were the sites listed.. i still think that somehow the extension open the websites... ?
  8. Hey! I was playing overwatch, and when i stopped playing it i desided to go browse the internet. I use the latest version of Chrome, with Adblock Plus, Avira Browser Safety, Poper Blocker and with MalwerBytes Extensio BETA. And i saw that chrome was open (i closed it before playint OW) and i saw 25+ tabs open that was from my browser history (the links was drive-by-download links) and all of it was blocked by MalwareBytes. I did NOT open them, and the links was not suspicious. One of them was Skype download file... here are some photoes I think it was done by MalwareBytes extension. (the blocked links started to dissapeare from my history, strange huh?) Any help why did this happened?
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