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  1. Thankfully, I don't even have any login on Google chrome. When i try to access that url it just throws me to the default setting one. Also, not sure if you fully read my issue beforehand, but i remember mentioning i considered the obvious possibility of being a browser malware, although like i said, it happens EVERYwhere. every browser, even on STEAM browser. Everywhere. It happens on ajax calls too, causing it to fail. It happens on game connections, cause me to fail connecting to servers. And yeah i've reseted my router already. I understand, i'll try to, but i'm b
  2. Yes i am. I have to work almost everyday, even weekends, and it's hard having some free time on my computer to let all the scanners run again (to create the logs you asked, since there's seemingly nothing else you can suggest me for now) So it will unfortunately take some time for me to generate the bloody things. My hard drive is over 900gb full and my cpu and ram are ancient. If there's anything you can suggest me that's possible to do quickly, then by all means please do.
  3. Greetings, I believe it started somewhere during this week or last, i'm not completely sure. At first i noticed that some of the tabs i was visiting didn't have the page title but the url between quotes. I was busy with work so i ignored it off as a chrome bug or something. Since i work as a webdeveloper, it's normal for me to sometimes go F12 and check JS console, then i noticed... Sometimes, when i load a website, the website gets loaded on a frameset, with a cryptojacking on the header. Check attached image. Thankfully, this alone doesn't do jack to me since i use Minerblock, pl
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