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  1. gp45 & co . : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?format=default&id=1257404 browser.cache.disk.smart_size is enabled just means that firefox/the browser itself decides/modifies the value. the value is then related to the respective system. unfortunately, i do not know on which exact criteria this automated ("smart") process is based on. but this is a "firefox thing". it has nothing to do with the mwb - addon itself. really sry @swandog46 & thx, because you pushed me to do the steps again - with a surprising end. and your math @exile360, was still comprehensible
  2. ok, now i am really disturbed .. what i did: 1. about:config?filter=browser.cache.disk.capacity 2. the value is modified & too high 3. reset the value to default 4. open a website 5. reload about:config?filter=browser.cache.disk.capacity 6. modified again, value too high 7. disable the mbw - addon in about:addons completely 8. about:config?filter=browser.cache.disk.capacity 9. reset the value to default again 10. open a website 11. reload about:config?filter=browser.cache.disk.capacity 12. and now .. the modified high val
  3. thx for both reports, exile360 nice weekend, noem.
  4. on my system, the addon does not work immediately after firefox is started ( e.g. on sites of the previous session, ads appear). it works only after a reload of the corresponding page or the following call of another page.
  5. thx exile360, math is always right. completely comprehensible argument. so, it's a bug ( @mwb - team . plz fix it. )
  6. thx for your fast answer, 2 more/last questions: only 1mb .. smart. 1) but why then the excessive cache parameter (about:config, browser.cache.disk.capacity) of 1048576 kb , modified by the addon? this slows down the browser over time. one have always to manually delete the cached web content (because of the addon, it is not possible to set the standard value (without "browser.cache.disk.smart_size.enabled" to "false")). 2) so as a workaround, i can set browser.cache.disk.smart_size.enabled to false & browser.cache.disk.capacity to the default value (256000 kb) withou
  7. hi, the browser.cache.disk.capacity reverts always to value = 1048576 after changing browser.cache.disk.capacity to a much lower parameter (1048576 is imho really too much), only when the addon is activated. so the excessive cache parameter is modified by the addon itself. only if i set browser.cache.disk.smart_size.enabled to false, it is possible to set up the cache to the default, more moderate parameter (256000). is the excessive use of the ff browser cache by design or a bug? sincerely, noe
  8. great, thx for the info!
  9. hey, thx for this addon; really good work .. and its just a beta! please stay tuned for a regular firefox support (not only for chrome) because since firefox quantum, a lot of changes have been associated with every new browser release. its a really fast browsing experience with your addon (unlike ghostery); the lightweight, unobtrusive aspect is really important for the future, because of great competitors like ublock origin. question: how cryptocurrency miners are blocked? only based on blocking requests/scripts loaded from a blacklist or by detecting potential mining behavio
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