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  1. Thank you Rich - I shall advise the program author.
  2. Thanks for the rapid response Rich. File attached. Regards, John Liddle GedSite.zip
  3. Malwarebytes detected GedSite.exe as a Ransomeware threat and disabled it in such a way that Windows uninstall, although it runs, leaves the folder and .exe file behind. I cannot remove the file before re-installation of GedSite (which is an entirely innocent genealogy program). Although I am Administrator on the machine, it seem I lack the powers of the almighty needed to delete the program's folder, or the file within it. I have got round this by renaming the old folder (apparently I am sufficiently powerful for that), adding the program to the exclusions list and then re-installing GedSite. So now the drama shold be over, but why on earth did it occur? Log attached. False Positive (Advanced).txt
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