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  1. Hi my chrome is working now especially the downloads.. I contacted the chrome support and they told me to find another folder for downloads.. And it solve the issues..
  2. I just uninstall my chrome but i did not erase all of the old datas. Reinstall it but download problems still persist..
  3. Download is not working on my chrome but on my mozilla its working though i experience some lagging on the process. Upload is working fine on my chrome and mozilla. Attached is the errors on download.
  4. Hi im with you all the way.. Still have issues like i cant download on my chrome..
  5. Clipboard issue doesn't come back.. Everything is working fine.. But i will try to check for my download if i can download..
  6. Updates with regards to downloading: Though i cant run my malwarebytes my kaspersky is still running. I can updated my Kaspersky so i can download new updates. I also check if i can download new updates on my windows OS. The result is i can still download. So my downloading capacity is limited not a total disability to downloads.
  7. I just want to report as well that my malwarebytes wont start. This happen recently. Attached is the error. Pls help.
  8. Thank you for your great support! After following your instruction above. I dont have the clipboard hijack issues anymore i can freely copy paste all my bitcoin address on my laptop. However i have this issue, I cant download from my laptop. When i tried to download using chrome it wont download a thing. I notice that it wont allow me to download everything on my laptop. Strange though.
  9. I followed all instructions. Attached is the file you requested. Thank you. BUSINESSLAPTOP.zip
  10. I have uninstalled one software from the net. But after uninstalling the issue still persist. The issue only stop after we went fix mode..
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