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  1. Thank you, alvarnell! Do I need to purchase the premium version for that?
  2. I realize made ridiculous mistakes, but I'm recovering from a torn rotator cuff and I guess sometimes the pain gets the best of me. I noticed in the malwarebytes log that even though the app updates, it doesn't really update. For instance, the app updated to version 3.6.21, but the "protection" was only updated to 3.0.332. Not sure if I'm confused about the way this works.
  3. Last week, I think I made a backup to an external hard drive that's infected with something. After that, my wallpaper changed twice on its own and my finder preferences kept changing. While helping my daughter with some schoolwork, I was prompted to download adobe flash player in order to access content on her class website, so I did (and was still unable to access the content). After that, when I tried to login to my Microsoft email, there was a quick pop up that said something about my passport and quickly disappeared. Then the screen said it appears I have had this problem before & told me to do an antivirus scan (super confusing). I did a scan with malwarebytes and it said I'm clean. But when I tried to open the preferences in safari, the App Store store and excel opened instead. My website preferences have been configured for a couple of pop up sites, which I can't remove. There's more I could go into, but I'll spare any more details until I know if anybody can help me. Please help. Thanks.
  4. I installed malwarebytes for mac 4 days ago. It indicates my computer is clean and real time protection is on, but I'm not so sure. I looked at the logs and there are four. One of them, FrontendAgent-501.log, says: Warning Jul 19 05:57:43:804 [b3a6:6a95f4] RTProtection service is offline. @ RTProtectionKit.RTProtectionProvider Error Jul 19 05:57:43:810 [b3a6:6a96e2] Error with RTProtection service: Couldn’t communicate with a helper application. @ RTProtectionKit.ProtectionServiceClient Another one, RTProtectionDaemon.log, has repeated instances of this: Error Jul 19 08:55:51:281 [b397:6c08af] Failed to read content of file: '/Users/User/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/.com.google.Chrome.dBJL7s'. @ RTProtectionKit.RemovalAction.BaseFileRemovalAction (I removed my name from User folder) The other 2 logs are similar- filled with errors and/or warnings. I would appreciate any suggestions, information, or help. Thanks
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