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  1. Oh wait I just noticed the title of this topic is wrong. It has to be: is crashing browser not ofcourse. Someone change it please.
  2. Oh forgot this but don't know how to edit my post. I'm on Win10 x64 1803, build 17134.320
  3. I just let the automatic updater upgrade to Then I loaded my browser (Opera) and 3 minutes later it just disappears lol. No warning message or anything before/after. Just *poof* gone. Downloaded manually from the forums here and installed that 'old' version again.
  4. Aside from the browser problems that everyone mentioned here I also found out that one of my Win10 Store Apps doesn't work properly. Horizon TV app. I had to login with my account, which normally isn't needed anyway except for the very first time having it installed ofcourse. Then after login the app works for a split second and then crashes and restarts, then it goes back to asking me to log in again. It continues like that.
  5. OMG after (only luckily!) 2 hours of bitching around with Opera resetting and reinstalling stuff I finally found it was because of this. So yeah big fatty problems. I could only load pages in a new tab after restarting the browser for like 10 sec or so and then nothing would work anymore inside that new tab or any other tab, not even going to settings and opera://flags or the extensions. I even deinstalled all extensions and then tried reinstalling them but they wouldnt install back anymore. Firefox on the other hand seems to be working fine tho, apart from one crash which I haven't experienced before in a very long time. But that may either be due to that I tried to close it too quickly after opening it, but yes it could very well be because of MBAE. I didn't try Chrome yet, so can't confirm that. Win 10 - 1709, 16299.551 Opera 54.0.2952.60
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