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  1. Oh right...that...seems odd since, on a fresh installation of MBAE, the notification appears and it shows up in the log but after a reboot nothing at all... From a users perspective the lack of notification or log that it's actually being protected, when everything else gets a popup and logged, makes you think that it isn't...if that makes any sense to you...it adds doubt Thanks for your reply
  2. Hi. MBAE updated to and initially I noticed that it wasn't protecting Chrome when launching Chrome. I stopped and started protection, deactivated and activated the shield, rebooted but it was still not protecting Chrome. After uninstalling, deleting the "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" folder and re-installing, protection for Chrome was activating when launching Chrome... However after rebooting, MBAE again was not protecting Chrome when opening the browser. All other shields seem to be working (excel, word, opera, firefox etc). Just Chrome shield isn't activating on launch (I have the balloon tooltips enabled so I'm conditioned to spot when it doesn't appear on opening the browser after years of use!) I've replicated the issue on several PCs. All exhibit the exact same behaviour. On Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply @Rsullinger Do you know if it's just Chrome or all Chromium based browsers? Because if it's just Chrome rather than Chromium I really will switch to Vivaldi full time now (if only it was a default shield! Sorry I'll stop that now.) So yeah...Just Chrome or all Chromium browsers? Thanks
  4. @hake i'd check to see if you even have the chrome shield then --->
  5. Hi. MBAE updated itself to yesterday. I've noticed today the default chrome shield (and plug ins) has vanished. Gone. It isn't in the list nor is it showing up in the logs. I really hope this is a mistake/oversight as many people will get the auto update and not even realise Chrome protection is not there anymore. Is this intentional or just a mistake? Thanks. P.S. if it is a mistake and it will be re-added, could you possibly add Vivaldi as a default shield too? Thanks :)
  6. Try the .107 experimental version, I think that has XP related fixes in it that .100 doesn't, might work for you
  7. except is a Spanish IP address registered to telefonica... makes it look a wee bit odd
  8. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/205865-malwarebytes-anti-exploit-112-build-90-released/ Previous build is linked for download in that post. Uninstall your current build, download build 90, disable your network adapter so it doesn't auto update and install build 90, go to settings and untick automatically upgrade...then enable your network adapter.
  9. Yeah I had an issue on one machine where MBAE didn't appear to be running, even after re-installs. Easy fix though, I made sure the folder in program files was gone and deleted the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit folder in c:\programdata (which is a hidden folder), re-installed (after disabling the network connection so that it didn't auto update and I could therefore disable auto updates) and it worked fine. I just wish it didn't nag you so much to update when you have disabled auto updates because inevitably a user will go to the PC, see an update and click to do it and then wonder why chrome isn't working.
  10. Hi, my MBAE beta updated from to today and I came here to check release notes which don't exist yet... Anyway, straight away I started having issues with, definitely chrome but also maybe firefox where pages just didn't even attempt to load. This happens frequently with chrome and even when closing the browser the chrome processes persist. Killing them and trying again the web pages may load and if not when closing the processes persist again. Reverting to resolves this issue. With the issue present I couldn't even load chrome settings, extension settings or browsing history clear pages. Thanks for reading. p.s. are there any plans to ever support Vivaldi as a default shield? :) *edit* I've just tried this on a second PC and the issue is present there too. Both PCs running Windows 7 64 bit.
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