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  1. hello i have windows 10, in the health report of the windows defender it says i should reset temporary internet files location. i wonder how it happened that i need to reset it. could it be that malware changed the location (in order to protect?) also, in respect to this thread could computer's crash record can help? thanks
  2. thanks. the computer shut down because of the scan. cause it never happnes otherwise. i will do the rootkit again soon i hope, meanwhile i did the regular and the new threathes it detected were added to the 74 - but i believe they were part of those included on the 74. most are just photos i recovered from an old computer with recuva software that for some reason MB always deteced as thereat. i will do it again and again post in a new thread ok? thanks!
  3. if somehow it includes some personal info including the names of users/computers etc i want the attachment to disattach afterwards , thanks
  4. hi all, i did long custom scan, it took maybe 20 hours, including rootkits and changed pup to warn user. soooo after all that time, during the scan i could see the detected files, i had to turn the computer on (for some reason unknown to me it was off, but i didnt choose to turned off after scan) and looked at the results and it's said 74 detections (based on what ive seen before most are probably mismatch and are recovered (recuva) photos). anyways, i try to click on it - nothing. i go to quarntine - same files as in the past, not those 74 new ones (ok i asked for warning you can say) so i go to report - and the long scan ISNT there! i did another one, a standard scan, i thought it would go straight to the detection but didnt. i attachet 2 logs and a photo. thanks for help!! 2.txt 1.txt
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