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  1. So this happened to me yesterday and today while using Mb(ver 4.1.0). First incident was with ea origin. I try to update the software and it goes through the process. then moments later I get this message: And When I click the origin icon again, that message pops up. And I had to uninstall and reinstall again. Today I had another software that needed an update and the exact same thing happened. I then quit MB, installed the old version of the software to test the upgrade, and it went smooth. Did another 2 tests on Epic games launcher and Filezilla. For epic it did the updates but the program never opened after that. For filezilla, it said error checking updates. So i quit mb and once again launched epic launcher and it worked. I also reopened Filezilla and this time was able to get updates and install it fine.
  2. Yep facing the same problem as well. Turning off web protection helped stop the netio error.
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