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  1. I am using a laptop. The issue happens when i type also. Sometimes, if the num lock key is on, dots are typed automatically and sometimes when the cursor is in the middle of the sentence, it deletes the forward part. So, how can we make sure if its a keyboard issue or not..?
  2. I have OneDrive in my laptop but I have never used it.
  3. Hello, Thank you so much for helping out. Here is the log attached. Thanks mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hi, I am experiencing this issue since last week now. When selecting a file anywhere on the computer, it gets deleted to recycle bin and a message shows "transfer could not be completed". I have scanned for viruses but nothing is detected. The issue stops when I press any key on the keyboard and again comes some time later. This happens even when we type an email content. If the cursor is on the 1st letter it will forward delete the rest of the letters. Also it keeps typing "dot" if the num lock key is on. If it is off, then no issues. Is this a keypad issue or is this some kind of a
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