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  1. @djacobson Thanks for the reply. Let me try if it works.
  2. @AndrewPPActually , I am working one RMM tool Connectwise Automate. We need to to have add virus scan entry of malware bytes in dashboard . We are monitoring the machine on which have no antivirus. The problem is that machines are coming in antivirus missing monitor although malware-bytes installed on them. Except this all antivirus entry already made in deshboard. only malwarebytes remaining. You can see the pic , i have attached recently . So i need to know the locations. Thanks
  3. Thanks, Andrew, Let me try. i have no need to edit these files. i am just creating a solution .
  4. @exile360 Could you please let me know the name of all files that required to update definition. I will try one by one. And Is there not any single registry for update Malware-bytes. Thanks for the reply.
  5. @AndrewPP Hi Andrew, Thanks for the reply. I have already brought Malwarebytes Protection agent. I am working on RMM tool Connectwise Automate. So i need to configure virus scan in dashboard. i have attached the screenShot which in need to know. There is setting of Webroot SecureAnywhere 32bit in Screenshot. Same as webroot i have to do configure virus scan for Malwarebytes protection agent ( Program Location, Definition Location, Update command. AP Process name) Hope you will be undersand
  6. Hi Good day!. Can anyone let me know where i can find the definition Location of Malware Bytes endpoint Protection in window 10 and 7. It is so urgent. Thanks, Support SankalpIT
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