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  1. Here it comes, after restoring from quarantine. In facts, it starts without warnings now! FORScan.zip
  2. Latest versione of Forscan is reported as anomalous: can you investigate? https://forscan.org/
  3. Hello here, is there any good news about this problem? I still have freezes
  4. No, I can't. Trend Micro is set by my domain administrator and I can't disable it. I tried turning off its services with MSConfig, but a couple of them still start after reboot.
  5. Hello, I enabled Ransomware protection just before clicking "Gather Logs" and I'm the semi-freeze situation again. ... ... ... It eventually created the zip file, here it comes (the rain) again ? mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Ok, please keep me posted. Some more info: Windows is not completely frozen, I can switch between open programs and Spotify continues playing, but it takes minutes to open a new Chrome tab (for example) and some other things are impossible (ie switching ransomeware protection off) and the Task Manager is frozen (you can change tabs, but they are all static).
  7. User: I'm using a domain account that belogns to administrators group Update: why so? Why do I need to manually check for product updates? Shouldn't this be automatic? Package version is now 1.0.391 Ransomware Protection disabled: OneDriveSetup.exe started without problem!!! So, now what? Will you fix Ransomware Protection?
  8. No, my user is a Windows administartor and that's confirmed by the fact that the tool triggers UAC to start. I clicked on "Current" in the Dashboard, it checked and says "Current" again, no updates heve been downloaded. What next? [EDIT] Using "Install Application Updates" found something, indeed: I'm going to restart Windows now
  9. I killed the unresponsive application, quit malwarebytes and restarted the tool, it is now running. Here it comes the zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. Nice thing: I just downloaded the tool and doubleclicked it, I'm sitting here waiting it to start... W10 is not freezed, but the setup does not start, the application from where I launched it is freezed
  11. Hello, I found why my W10 freezes when I launch some install/unistall programs: it is due to MWB! I discovered this by using MSConfig and disabling startup services. When MWB is enabled, every time I launch "some" setup programs, W10 starts to stutter and freeze; one of those program is OneDriveSetup.exe for sure. What can I do?
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