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  1. We're on Comcast and for months have been approaching our 1TB per month limit. I've thought it was live media streaming. Indeed that's a big piece, but yesterday I found an even bigger piece. Malwarebytes process mbamtray was sitting doing huge I/O, mostly upload. I have Google Mesh and I can see that my computer is using 30GB to 50GB per day of data up/down. I used the cleanup tool to remove Malwarebytes. Immediately, my bandwidth dropped by 98%. I waited a day, then reinstalled Malwarebytes and now bandwidth is as it should be. Paul Gallo
  2. 4 hours ago Zynthesist closed my topic stating "Block is no longer on *synology but now it is just on a specific subdomain." However, I'm still getting "Website blocked due to Fraud" on Domain: <name>.synology.me I've updated my MBAM, which shows: Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.441 Update package version: 1.0.6895 Are you sure you are not still blocking ALL synology.me domain sites?
  3. Pleased elaborate. Synology.me is used my 1000's. What let to Malwarebytes deciding to block it today? Should we Exclude it? Is that Safe to do? Is it really fraudulent? I'd suspect that Synology's legal dept. would be very interested in Malwarebytes claim that Synology.me is being blocked for Fraud.
  4. We use RaiDrive ( https://www.facebook.com/RaiDrive ) to map network drives over WAN. It works great and has for a long time. Today we started getting Malwarebytes popups "Website blocked due to fraud" (edited image attached) As soon as I entered an exclusion: <site_name>.synology.me (type: Website) the popups stopped. I believe these are false positives. Thank you
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