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  1. Hi Ron, I did state in my original post that it happens to Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Chrome and Firefox are unusable and Edge is slightly more stable but responds very slowly and does also eventually stop responding completely. None of the other programs on my PC seem affected, just browsers. This is only happening on my home PC which again as I stated above I am away from at the moment and therefore unable to supply logs. Please read my first post so as you understand the diagnostic steps I have already taken. As a last resort I totally reinstalled Windows (10 home 64bit) let it fully update and then installed Malwarebytes and Sophos (Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.7) so it was a fairly minimal build but even then the problem occurred. I apologise if I came across rude, this problem rendered my PC unusable at a really bad time for four days, it caused a lot of stress. I cannot send logs but if you need any further info please ask.
  2. It is common courtesy to apologise if a product you have supplied has caused a problem. Your assumption I am from America is wrong. I am pretty sure the fact that when I turn on Malwarebytes real time protection the problem occurs 100% of the time and when it is off it doesn't points to it at the very least being a component in the problem. If that is due to interaction with another program then clearly not enough testing is being done as it happened on an almost bare bones build as I said above. I had explained it had taken a long time to diagnose this and caused a lot of hassle, I just wanted to be treated as a valued customer rather than a diagnostic tool. A "sorry for the inconvenience" would have gone a long way. Also it has been days now and no update or fix or any further communication from Malwarebytes. I consider this poor customer relations and it has soured my opinion of the product. I keep my customers updated daily on the progress of any problem I may be working on as I understand it is important to them and again I consider it just polite to keep people updated as they can then plan accordingly. I don't consider this arrogance to have paid for a product and expect to be treated with courtesy when said product has caused problems. I won't assume where you are from but that is how things work here. Good customer relations keep people happy and loyal, its that simple.
  3. I consider this a very poor response, still no fix or even an apology for all the trouble caused. We have just been asked if we want to renew our Malwarebytes endpoint protection at work which is a fairly large site. I am one of the decision makers on this and will also be against renewing. I understand there can be bugs, but no apology at all and no fix or even update on what is happening. You lost a lot more than one customer due to the poor handling of this.
  4. Hi I won't be back at that PC for a few days now, All I can say is I have Sophos endpoint security and control 10.7, Windows 10 home, Malwarebytes premium, all software is up to date. My system specs are Asus X-99-S Motherboard i7 5820k @ 4.5 GHz 32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) in SLI It happened before on a clean install and up to that point I had only let windows install the default drivers, installed Sophos and Malwarebytes and Chrome. Everything else on the PC functions fine except the browsers when the problem occurs.
  5. I have had the exact same problem since last week, specifically Thursday evening UK time. Chrome, Firefox and Edge crash and don't function properly with real time protection turned on. They are slow, unresponsive and eventually freeze. Sometimes they start OK and run for a few minutes but then they stop responding. System resources are at a very low level during this time cpu 1%, low memory, GPU and disk access so its not overloading anything. You cannot kill the last chrome process from within task manager so the only solution is to reboot. This has almost driven me crazy to the point I spent 5 hours yesterday reinstalling windows and a ton of programs only for it to happen again immediately. I am running premium Malwarebytes latest version on Windows 10 home latest version. I also tried creating a new user in Windows, creating a new user in Chrome, memory test, disk test, reinstalling chrome several times, disabling all chrome extensions, reinstalling all the drivers I could and as I said above eventually reinstalling Windows when I felt there was no other option left. This has caused me 4 days of hassle and I spent Thursday night, Friday night, most of Saturday and Sunday morning trying to diagnose this. MBAM does not report anything and looks like it is running normally, the windows error log just says "Chrome stopped interacting with Windows and was closed". I am also running Sophos anti virus if this helps. This whole experience has been extremely frustrating and wasted a lot of time. I won't be renewing when my subscription expires.
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