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  1. Many thanks, AdvancedSetup!
  2. Hello. I found an old topic about the question I will ask, but I did not find an official response from the Malwarebytes team for it. The question is: Should I use Windows 10's Windows Defender Exploit Protection together with Malwarebytes Premium? Thank you if you can clarify this. Oh, and sorry, my language is not English.
  3. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    What are you listening to?

  4. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    Malwarebytes Wallpapers

    I would like to know too.
  5. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    DNS hijacking and Shuriken 2.0

    Many thanks AP2012, Firefox and dcollins for the answers! :)
  6. Hello. I am a Malwarebytes Premium user and would like to know if Malwarebytes offers protection against DNS hijacking and how it does it. I would also like to know how the new method of detecting Shuriken 2.0 added to Malwarebytes works. Sorry, my language is not English.
  7. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    Malwarebytes extension making lots of CPU usage in Chrome.

    Hello. Since the last update 1.0.28 a few days ago, things are considerably better. The Malwarebytes extension is not overusing the CPU on certain sites, and the number of locks on the icon is more realistic. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello. Sorry if the title of this topic is wrong. My native language is not English. I am Malwarebytes Premium user and the Malwarebytes extension for Google Chrome. I have noticed an unusual use of the CPU by the extension, and a strange increase in the number of locks, which grow on the pages uninterruptedly, as in the screenshot example. I would like to receive help because I trust it as my only complement for protection. Thank you.
  9. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    Questions about anti-exploit protection and Google Chrome

    Many thanks, exile360 and dcollins! The receptivity of this forum only makes me like Malwarebytes even more.
  10. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    Questions about anti-exploit protection and Google Chrome

    Many thanks for the reply! I will do this.
  11. Hello. I have the following questions: If you removed the Google Chrome protection in Malwarebytes 3's anti-exploit module, will I still be protected from malicious pdf files if I use it to open these files? Or as of now, it is recommended that I use another program to open pdf's? Sorry, English is not my native language. Thank you!
  12. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    Questions about Malwarebytes 3

    @exile360, many thanks for the explanation!
  13. Nicolas_Cavallieri

    Questions about Malwarebytes 3

    Many thanks for the reply, @digmorcrusher.
  14. Hello. First of all, excuse me for my poor English. I'd like to know if using Malwarebytes 3 Premium + Malwarebytes for Chrome is enough to keep me protected. And I'd also like to know how Malwarebytes works to detect cryptominers and keyloggers. I do not know how Malwarebytes 3 acts on these types of threats and knowing that will certainly bring me a greater sense of security. Thank you!

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