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  1. Ok, thanks for the additional info. This topic may now be closed
  2. Hello, yes, what I was trying to ask is whether I have to follow any further antivirus/antiexploit actions after the ESET scan.
  3. Dear Maurice I have had this thread reopen because I was curious whether there are any steps left after running the ESET scan. So please tell me if there is still something pending I am also in contact with official Support to have them check whether there was a conflict with my internet blocking program.
  4. @Maurice Naggar What's our next step? eset log.txt
  5. @Maurice Naggar Thinking this is a false positive?
  6. @Maurice Naggar I'm running the Eset scan and I actually got this Windows Defender warning while Eset is scanning 🙄
  7. 1) Thanks for reminding me. I am very annoyed to see Windows Defender was not protecting me again, I already had to manually fix this once, I don't understand why the Malwarebytes developers don't do something to fix this issue for once and for all, it's really annoying because you're not even aware Windows Defender or its Windows 10 version is disabled. 2) I attached the file. Nothing found. Please explain two things: why not the full scan instead of this quick scan? and: this program seems a bit pushy, it restarted itself to show me a premium offer. What am I supposed to do with the program now? And of course... what do I do next, in general? .. 3) I cannot ''just'' disable the two programs I have that are porn filters. They are running just like Malwarebytes in the background. You said I had to close all the programs I opened myself. But this is a questionable case: is it possible it hindered RogueKiller in any way? roguekiller.txt
  8. @Maurice Naggar have you seen my 2nd post? I'm also curious about the possible conflict/false positive with Cold Turkey?
  9. Hello, my name is Lucas, here are the requested files (I can't add a report from Malwarebytes' automatic scan this afternoon because it seems bugged, it only shows me a report from 2 years ago.) Addition.txt FRST.txt 13.56 rtp detection.txt 14.35 rtp detection.txt
  10. Shortly after booting I got this exploit warning I''ve never seen before, see attachment. I never visit any dodgy websites, the only thing I can say is that I have a paid porn blocker running which is essentially a VPN, I'll e-mail them as well to ask about this. I'm also using Cold Turkey blocker, paid version, I actually booted this little laptop (I use for watching movies in bed) to temporarily block Facebook on it with Cold Turkey Blocker, but then this happened, the problem is I'm not sure whether the Malwarebytes warning happened before or after clicking Cold Turkey (which seems to be running fine). It's a bit of an old, slow and messy installation compared to my 15,6 inch, fast laptop I use more generally. I have not seen any exploit warnings on that laptop. exploit.txt
  11. Thanks for all your input people. I am wondering what other users did do to restore OneDrive on their computer (in my previous settings)? It seems like Malwarebytes ''destroyed'' the program's main .exe but I would like to get it back exactly as it was.
  12. Hello, I have Malwarebytes Premium running, but since I started using it, my OneDrive has stopped synching files from my PC that I need to access from other devices. I've done a forum search: (Example https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/208886-malwarebytes-blocking-onedrive/ ) But the reply is always: we are fixing this in our upcoming update or something like that. But those are threads from 2017. Can someone please give me advice? Or should I contact MBAM Support through a different channel than this forum? Have a nice day!
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