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  1. Many thanks for listening to my whinge. Feel free to contact me when the feedback research begins. The toast notifications wouldn't be so bad if they faded away quickly and automatically rather than requiring manual intervention by the user to dismiss them. IMO, after the initial toast notification has been launched (and dismissed by the user), a simple badge added to the icon in the Notification Area would serve to act as an alternative reminder instead of the annoying onscreen toast notifications. This would help many people - myself included - who are cautious and wait for others braver than themselves to install (and comment on) new versions/updates rather than leap on them immediately.
  2. .. to stop the incessant notifications that there's an upgrade available? One single one-time notification is sufficient for most folks with an IQ higher than a lettuce leaf... all the rest are just spam that gets on one's nerves. Please amend 'Settings' by adding something like an option group or checkbox for "Just the one 'upgrade available' notification, thanks" or "Monitor user activiity and popup a new notification EVERY SINGLE FLIPPING TIME user is doing something important; Yes, I know! (default)". Many thanks.
  3. Quite a large number of responses here from 'a subset of users' and, from responses in another forum, I know of many others who saw the advert(s) but just closed them instead of heading here to ask what the heck is going on. IMO, paid users should not be used for your testing purposes without their express 'opt-in'. We are your reason for existence, not your 'cannon fodder' for experiments.
  4. Malwarebytes Premium user here. I've just seen the advert pop up 3 times now in the last 40 minutes. This has only just started happening so please take me out of the 'small subset of users'. Not happy!
  5. Malwarebytes Premium 3.6.1 Notification Area icon shows that Malwarebytes' 'Malware Protection' is off. I cannot turn it on again. What the heck is happening?
  6. I made the mistake of upgrading to Malwarebytes Premium v3.6.1. My PC is now mostly unusable because of the resource drag. Just sat at idle (i.e. I'm not doing anything... not 'net surfing to new sites, not browsing locally) yet MBP is taking 37% and more of CPU resources. Yes, I have oodles of Firefox tabs open on multiple sites that I trust... what the heck is going on with MB resource usage? It just makes me do the usual... go through the extremely slow process to quit MB in order to regain some semblance of control over MY PC.
  7. OK, I cleaned and re-installed. (How come it remembers my licence details but forgets my scan schedule and exclusions? grrr) Component package is now 1.0.391. Settings > Application > Install Application Updates is still showing No Updates are available... but I guess that's normal if I've just downloaded/installed the latest package.
  8. Thanks for this... I've attached the zip file, as requested. Note that I rebooted, which is unusual for me... normally I don't. Previously my PC had been up for about a month. It's just that it was unusually sluggish (even after I had reduced open tabs in Firefox from ~600 to current ~410) so I decided to clear it out. Note also that I re-direct TEMP/TMP environment variables for both USER and SYSTEM to C:\Temp... just easier to keep an eye on the contents and clean it. EDIT: I also note that MBAM Premium now exits immediately when I choose the option to Quit. Does this mean that I need to reboot more frequently? Is there some sort of buffer that gets filled? mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I gave up and went to bed. Today I see that Ransomware Protection is now OFF so I chose the option to Quit Malwarebytes... and it worked within seconds. Yay!
  10. OK, I disabled Ransomeware Protection ...
  11. Many thanks for your reply. I'm logged on with the first (default) account (i.e. in the Administrators group) and have never changed the User Account Control defaults. When I invoke Quit Malwarebytes from the Malwarebytes icon in the Notification Area, I do see the User Account Control (UAC) dialog. I'm not able to screenshot it from within Windows (obviously) but I've captured one from my phone... Unfortunately, clicking on the Yes button does absolutely nothing... even after waiting several minutes...
  12. Oh, and don't get me started on why I can't exclude particular file scans from within the Scan Results GUI to stop the same 'False Positive' nonsense day-after-day-after-day-after-day of scripts that I've written. It's Windows... of course there's going to be some of us that choose to delete some of MS' worst nonsense... that doesnt mean to say that our attempts to curtail MS are malicious... just common sense. Also, why is the MBP 3.5.1 GUI constrained, meaning that I can't resize it in order to screenshot it plus another window to show what I'm trying to describe?
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