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  1. Update: After a couple of restarts, functionality has been restored!
  2. Malwarebytes helped me where Avast and Iobit Malware remover failed. However, after quarantining the viruses, certain Windows features no longer work. These are the ones I have identified so far: 1) I cannot use the Windows search bar. It does not appear when I click on it. 2) The start menu does not appear. 3) There are no apps listed in the task manager. Please let me know what I need to do. I would like to avoid a reformat, if possible. ______ If it helps, the sequence of events was as follows: 1. I was infected with a rather nasty malware infection (randomly started Google Chrome and opened a cryptoadvertising page, browser would shut down if I searched for any anti-virus programs, anti-virus programs would shut down upon starting). 2. I had to boot to safe mode, install Malwarebytes, scanned and quarantined a bunch of stuff. 3. Booted normally, had to end a process that seemed to shut down antivirus programs and the browser as above (noticed it would jump up in memory consumption before programs closed). STILL INFECTED but Windows features working 4. Successfully started Malwarebytes, scanned and quarantined more stuff. SANITIZED but Windows features not working

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