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  1. Hi there! I've had an older Malwarebytes Free version for 2 years that has run fine, and recently did a scan and found a PUP, which is fairly weird since my computer is usually so clean. So I decided to finally upgrade to the new "updated" version is was always prompting me to do over time, & while I had my reservations, I ultimately did it anyway. Now four days into the Free trial, (vers. 3.5.1), it's all wonky. :( My nightmare. I restarted my computer recently, and there was a pop-up at the bottom notifying me that my real-time protection is off... So I go to dashboard and my Malware Protection is off, & no matter how I try to reach it to turn it back on, it won't turn on. Isn't that the most important feature in Malwarebytes first & foremost, & it isn't on? It's like the slider is dead, so I wanted to know if this is just a thing in the Trial Free Version? My computer also informed me MB didn't shut down properly so it enabled a Program Compatibility Assistance thing to it, which, again, I had never needed before nor have I ever seen this feature before from my computer. :/ And, even though I didn't press it, a scan started on it's own, and is still running no matter if I close MB or not, as soon as I pull it back up one is running. In dashboard to the right under "System" it says, "Updates: Current." I don't know what's going on, but can someone please help me in turning on my Malware Protection please? I can't be without it. And I don't want to waste my free trial while it's not even fully protecting me to see what it's about. Also, when the Free Trial runs out, will I still be protected with Malware Protection? (And, on a side note, does anyone know how to go back to an old Free version of MB just in case?) My anxiety is through the roof here, and I'm not too much of a computer-tech-savvy person. :( I'm also running Windows 7. Thank you very much for the time & help. Really appreciate it.

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