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  1. So, I've been using malwarebytes since way before it became a proper antivirus, and I've always thought it enough to have that and windows defender as virus protection. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love malwarebytes! But on the topic of how many trials has been run on this computer, I can count at least five times. They have all come from when the software has needed to update from one version to another, where it would simply activate another trial period. I first installed malwarebytes using the installer listed below: It's pretty old, now that I think about it (I only downloaded the other installer for safekeeping, I usually keep one malwarebytes installer, plus chameleon, on my computer) and since it's from before the "malwarebytes antivirus" time, maybe that installation is the reason why I kept getting new trials? Either way, I will get back to you lot if malwarebytes still keeps churning out the trials Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I've done all of the steps, instlrupdate is no longer in the MBAMService folder but I was ironically greeted with this upon reinstalling malwarebytes I presume this trial will actually run out, and won't be refreshed on the next install because instlrupdate is gone? When you say advertisements, do you mean the popup notifications that say "your trial is expiring" or simply the fact that within the GUI of Malwarebytes itself, there are several "upgrade now", "activate license" boxes, as well as panels that suggest you buy the premium version while running scans? In the second case there, I have no issues whatsoever, it's not a popup so it's fine. If it is the popup notifications, that means I won't be allowed to disable them? I'll point out that this free trial refresh has been happening on two of my computers, not just this one, so it's not an isolated case. I'll get back to you if, by next update, the free trial refreshes again Thank you for your time.
  3. The problem is as follows: -If using Malwarebytes, you will eventually be prompted to upgrade the software -Upgrading the software will automatically give you a free trial (as far as I am aware, there is no longer a way to opt out of this trial during the installation) -During this trial, you will be reminded DAILY with a popup notification, that now seems to appear wherever it likes on your screen (Not just bottom right) that tells you that your trial is expiring. My problem is that there is literally no way to permanently disable this popup from ever appearing, and the options to temporarily do so are both nuisances. Option 1 is to , after upgrading, disable your trial. You will have to do this every single time you update, great! Option 2, as found here: Instead requires that you disable self protection, delete some update handler file, and then re-enable the self protection.. Until the next update, where this file will be recreated and you will have to do the whole procedure once more. Oh joy. Both of these should be major nuisances for any end-user. I, for instance, would much rather just notice that my malwarebytes is out of date when I try run a scan, upgrade it then, and not have to think about deleting some tiles or deactivating the trial to avoid those cursed notifications that won't disable with the normal notification disabler. Please give us both the option to not install with the free trial activated like you used to, or allow us to purge every single last notification about updating/upgrading. I personally don't mind the free trial itself, it is the literal "please buy me" popup that I despise. I honestly don't think you're doing yourselves any favours either, since I think most normal users also despise the popups. As the end-user, you should have control over how you see your notifications, whether you want to be reminded once a month about your subscription, or if you never want to see anything until the moment it expires . It's gotten bad enough for me to care enough to actually get an account on the forums to complain about it. What gives Malwarebytes?

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