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  1. I recently bought a MacBook Pro 2017 and was using it fine for a while until I ran into a major problem that I can only guess is caused by malware. No matter whether I am connected via WiFi or Ethernet I am always met with a “You are not connected to the internet” error on every app. Even though it says I’m connected to my home network. Normally I would be able to troubleshoot this myself using malwarebytes or antivirus but with absolutely zero access to the internet, I am at a loss as to what I can do besides wipe my hard drive and reinstall MacOS. I really don’t want to do that as I have a few expensive applications on this computer that I need to keep and I don’t know how to keep them if I were to wipe the Mac. All programs that don’t require internet access to function are working 100% fine. I have not fiddled with any network settings and this smells an awful lot like malware or a virus to me. I have already grabbed files I want to save and copied to external hard drive but I really need to figure out how to backup my Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X. Sorry if I haven’t given a lot of useful info, I am normally a PC user so I don’t know a lot about this computer yet. Please help! Thanks
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