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  1. Okay, thank you. I’m assuming since this problem has been determined not malware that I should seek help elsewhere if the problem persists after I do what you reccomended? Or will you or other still be able to help troubleshoot the problem on this board even though it’s not a malware issue?
  2. Well I have tried to open every app that I could and none of them think they have internet access. I have tried booting in safe mode several times, same problem. I also tried the Network Diagnostics reccomendations aswell (resetting proxy settings and restarting router)and tried what the linked page reccomended, with no results.
  3. I don’t believe it’s a problem with my modem or network due to the fact that this problem is happening solely on my computer and has affected no other devices for the extent of the time I have has this problem. Unless it’s possible that a problem with my modem could only be affecting this one device? I have attached the diagnostics report that "Wireless Diagnostics" created, just in case that is of any help. My router does not show any signs of not working properly from a physical side (no difference in lights on router from what I can tell) and my computer lets me "connect" to the network just fine on every device, it’s like something is somehow blocking my connection to the network locally. I also would like to know if there is a way to install malwarebytes without having an internet connection as I have tried to do so before and was not able to.
  4. I recently bought a MacBook Pro 2017 and was using it fine for a while until I ran into a major problem that I can only guess is caused by malware. No matter whether I am connected via WiFi or Ethernet I am always met with a “You are not connected to the internet” error on every app. Even though it says I’m connected to my home network. Normally I would be able to troubleshoot this myself using malwarebytes or antivirus but with absolutely zero access to the internet, I am at a loss as to what I can do besides wipe my hard drive and reinstall MacOS. I really don’t want to do that as I have a few expensive applications on this computer that I need to keep and I don’t know how to keep them if I were to wipe the Mac. All programs that don’t require internet access to function are working 100% fine. I have not fiddled with any network settings and this smells an awful lot like malware or a virus to me. I have already grabbed files I want to save and copied to external hard drive but I really need to figure out how to backup my Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X. Sorry if I haven’t given a lot of useful info, I am normally a PC user so I don’t know a lot about this computer yet. Please help! Thanks
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