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  1. Yeah... I guess you're right ... Maybe it just best not using any kind of protection software since none of them can be fully trusted. I have been running none for about a week now and my PC runs faster. Also, I find as long as you got a good back image it's all one really needs and maybe use those free online scanners / adblockers ...
  2. Dude , Sophos is a highly recommend company towards anti-virus and malware, if Sophos find it and Malwarebytes doesn't it tell me a lot about Malwarebytes which long ago I thought they also were a highly recommend software but I finding it not to be the case any longer
  3. Yep, now it seems to have picked it up, strange. Though there another program I have with PUP and neither Malwarebytes 3 or the Scanner pick it up... Oh well
  4. Is it only the premium version since I have used the free version many of times and it never did detected before?
  5. Actually I did and this was awhile ago too... I'm just mentioning this because I just started using a different anti-virus software which to my surprised did picked up . I thought ADWCleaner was specially developed for this types of attacks, Yes ?
  6. Hello ... I ran your scanner after my anti-virus security software pick up on a PUP but your scanner didn't ... The software is Power iso . And it does have PUP attach to its software
  7. Yeah... I will do just that and its good to know there nothing wrong with WS and I didn't think there were, thanks for the help
  8. Yes, okay that makes more sense, thank you ... So there nothing wrong with using Windows Slimmer itself? I did notice an advance options which does get one to buy other products .
  9. I disagree . As I mention already ADWCleaner is detecting Windows Slimmer program as well and this is after I have decline to install those other 2 programs . I like to know the harm Windows Slimmer program is doing exactly since I find none . If one choose to remove those 4 so call threats it will totally remove Windows Slimmer From Malwarebytes AdwCleaner own site The world’s most popular adware cleaner finds and removes unwanted programs and junkware so your online experience stays optimal and hassle-free. Computer running slow? Strange messages popping up? Browser homep
  10. Anyways here a list / pics from top security companies scans and none have found any type of malware were by only adwcleaner has . Also, I find using Windows Slimmer has remove files that aren't needed, in another words clean my system and I have zero not one single problem with my computer . So, I would like to ask you exactly what harm is this program Auslogics Windows Slimmer doing to my PC which your scanner suggested it is ?
  11. I have done scans with other security software companies and none has shown it to be malware
  12. I know that ... All one need to do is unselected them and they wouldn't get installed . My point is if you use just the program itself and do a scan afterwards with AdwCleaner ... AdwCleaner will flag 4 files from Auslogics which serves no purpose
  13. @fr33tux did you not notice I already had a post about it and again I'm just expressing my opinion on this software from using it on a software that I found to be malware free and the program itself passed other scans from reliable security software companies, here below is an example
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