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  1. I checked but there is no exe file int that folder. We'll see if the notifications continue. So far so good.
  2. Its OK. I tried uploading and so far so good. 3.5.1. At least I know what to look for if I have problems in the future with a particular version. Thank you very much. That was very informative. And you learned about Early Man, even if that was postulated by evolutionists without even one foot in reality.
  3. What it's trying to install? The newest version obviously. I'm using version 3.3.1. I heard it was very popular back in the Paleolithic Era and was designed with the latest in stone tools. But it does seem to work surprisingly well. They were pretty resourceful back then. What is the name of this mysterious installer file?
  4. The URL sent with the email notifications go to a dead link. I've had 2 sent. Both dead. Tried copying and pasting the text. Dead.
  5. I went to C:\ destination you mentioned. You say to delete the installer. What is it called? These are what is in that folder. I'm using version 3.3.1. Actions.dll clean.mbdb dbmanifest.dat dynconfig.dat exclusions.txt MBAMCore.dll mbdigsig.dat prot.mbdb rdefs.mbdb rules.mbdb scan.mbdb tids.mbdb wprot.mbdb wprot2.mbdb
  6. In Settings, Application, Application Updates I have both off. Yet it still pesters me all day long asking me if I want the newer version. Does this software have a seriously bad case of amnesia? You'd think after about 50 times of hearing NO it would learn. Or am I doing this wrong? I sure hope so.
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