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  1. Good morning to you Maurice and thanks a million for the great help. The Malwarebytes installation process went excellent without any trouble under favor of your detailed instructions. I've already started and successively scanned my laptop. Yes you are right about the Component package it shows 1.0.955 The program version is Thanks a lot one more time and my best wishes, regards and all the best to you. Sincerely Vladislav YU7AW
  2. Dear Maurice, I attempted to do everything according to your directions, but unfortunately I'm not so good with the command prompt. I've opened cmd.exe as administrator but apparently there's something wrong because on each attempt to delete something in the registry I received the same message "ERROR: Invalid syntax." Waiting to get any other further directions. cmd prompt text.txt
  3. Hi I do have terrific troubles to install Malwarebytes on my laptop using Win 10/ 64. Recently I used MB on the same machine but suddenly arise some problems and it won't to start and I uninstall it. After I remove the MB software there are no any chances to install it again. Kind regards YU7AW
  4. Hi there Wondering are there anybody willing to help and give me assistance to remove annoying everyday malware attacks. I already scanned my system using AdwCleanner, MalwareBytes and RogueKiller and even I delete all malicious issues, they appear again and again in the short intervals. Please find attached AdwCleaner Log Files, AdwCleaner[S00].txt AdwCleaner[S01].txt AdwCleaner[S02].txt AdwCleaner[S03].txt AdwCleaner[S05].txt AdwCleaner[S06].txt AdwCleaner[S07].txt AdwCleaner[S08].txt AdwCleaner[S09].txt AdwCleaner[S10].txt AdwCleaner[S11].txt AdwCleaner[S12].
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