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  1. I did shut down Malwarebytes and, briefly, the share on the W7 Pro PC did appear on the Network category on the W10 Pro PC. After I restarted both of the computers to see if the share access persisted the W10 PC could not, again, find the share on the W7 computer and I haven't been able to get it back yet so I can't say for any certainty that Malwarebytes is the actual problem.
  2. Ok, I've performed the update and it says there are no more updates available after that one was installed. Here's, also, the latest log files. As far as the Internet slow down goes I have some suspicion that the Drop Box sync is playing a part in that so I limited it to 500Kb/sec where it was unlimited prior to that. I also set it so it would not come on at startup. As far as sharing goes that still is not working. I'm probably going to have to make an inquiry to Microsoft support. It used to be that all you had to do was join the workgroup or domain and share what you wanted between individual users or workstations and you were fine. Something is different in W10 and I haven't figured out what yet. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Ok, I should be back at the office, possibly, tomorrow afternoon. I'll check to see if this makes any difference. Thanks.
  4. Ok, I've downloaded and ran the support tool. Hopefully the attaching function worked. Also it took about 45 minutes to download this small file which is one of the problems we've been having with this W7Pro PC. Internet throughput is extremely slow vs. the same on all the other PCs on the office workgroup. Is there any way to tell if Malwarebytes is the one slowing the Internet access down? mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I'm trying to share files and folders between a Windows 7 Pro PC with Malwarebytes and a Windows 10 Pro PC. I've finally got the W10 PC to be viewed on the W7 PC but I can not get the W10 PC to make the W7 PC appear in its Network list. How can I make sure that Malwarebytes is not blocking this?
  6. I perform the tech support for my wife's office. Her computer is the go-to PC for everyone to use for just about everything. We've been using Malwarebytes as an antivirus program since December 2015 for a 2 year subscription. The renewal took place in December of 2017 but in the midst of everything else the actual updating and renewal of the software didn't take place until recently. When the update and renewal was performed (the old MWB software had been wiped clean on all the PCs in the office and we could not find it anywhere) we ran a complete scan with the updated MWB3.5.1 as well as your current Adware Scanner and removed quite a bit of "stuff" on her hard drive. These were run until no other detections were made then we ran Disk Cleanup and the native defragmenter for good measure. In the mean time my wife's Outlook 2007, with current service pack, has been getting blank e-mails in the midst of all the other e-mails she gets that neither we nor our Internet provider can figure out. The e-mails in question are completely blank, even when viewing the properties. Articles from as far back as 2010 regarding blank e-mails point to other anti-virus software programs causing this but I can not find any switch, button or other device in MWB3.5.1 that turns e-mail scanning on or off. Is there a possibility that MWB3.5.1 could be the source of the blank e-mails? My wife's Outlook folder tree is voluminous and I've wondered if she hasn't maxed out some part of the database that Outlook uses either in number of e-mails or folders even though she archives them on a regular basis.
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