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  1. Hello. I have three PC's running malwarebytes premium. On all three this past week, real time protection turned off randomly, and then when I clicked to turn back on, the program had to restart itself. Just odd it happened on all three devices and want to make sure nothing malicious is going on. So far I have not been able to reproduce the issue, other than the fact that it happened on all three computers in the same week. Shortly after turning each one I might add, within 5 minutes of logging in. I have attached logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. No problem! Yes that is correct! I’m guessing it didn’t shed much light on the problem ? .
  3. Here is the zip you asked for! cap trace logman kkgtyf problem.zip
  4. Thanks Ron. This is a temporary measure until the bug is fixed right? Since delayed start comprises some security for the sake of making it work?
  5. No luck, sadly this option is not there. I wish it would of been that simple!
  6. So I log in, but malware bytes never pops up in the tray. Even though the processes are running, eventually windows action center (after about 4-5 minutes) will pop up saying malware bytes needs to be started. If you click that and say yes activate and I trust the publisher, OR try starting it from windows start, nothing happens. In other words, it seems that real time protection is being prevented from starting for some reason on startup.
  7. So malware bytes premium will not start up properly when I start my computer. I can only get it working if I end the processes and start it again. Obviously this is strange and not a good or effective way to have malwarebytes run. I have even tried a fresh install of windows from recovery mode. It makes me worried I’m infected, but who knows. Can anyone help? im running windows 7 64 bit on a Lenovo x230.
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