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  1. Hello guys. My name's is Rob, and i have a big problem. My computer is too slowly and i don't know why. I have tryed MalwareBytes AntiMalware Premium but, he find 0 threats, MalwareBytes Adwcleaner 0 threats, and EEK too... By The Way, my computer sometime have a "freeze" for five or two seconds, when i play, when i use the browser. Two years ago i used Iobit, or something like this, and i use this software to help my system but he have damaged my computer and i kick him from my computer. Right now, my computer suffer lag,freeze, and CPU go 100% when i run word, chrome, in conclusion any program -> CPU 100%. Maybe Chrome Infected? Malware/Rootkit in my computer?? IDK... My pc is original , and i have an original key, maybe i need format? I have BitDefender Free Antivirus. And at the end, i can't use sfc /scannow or scandisk , because my disk is already in use ALWAYS and i can't use sfc /scannow etc... Three years ago, i had a rootkit infections, (20+ rootkits) , i find it with Avast Antivirus. Sometime, i go in C: and i have 180GB, i refresh and i hav 170GB, and other bugs.. i dont know whats happening ... I attach FRST.TXT and ADDITION.TXT. R0b FRST.txt Addition.txt
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