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  1. Hello Kevin, Everything seems to be working fine so far. I just wanted to ask if I can use AdBlock Plus instead of uBlock? Thread can be closed afterwards.
  2. Hello, Apologies for the delayed response. All came clean, except for HitmanPro. You can see in the log which files were infected and cleaned with HitmanPro. HitmanPro_20180812_1743.log AdwCleaner[S129].txt SophosVirusRemovalTool.log SophosVirusRemovalTool_cloud4.log
  3. Hello @kevinf80 I'm home, at last. Can you please post the instructions?
  4. Hi, I had to travel on a short notice and I couldn't fully test out the performance of Chrome... I noticed something that I don't understand and I want to share it, maybe it's relevant. I am playing a game (whenever I have time) called Lineage 2 and when I have 3 windows/instances of the game open Chrome starts to slow down. But when 4 windows of the game are open, the exact same symptoms as stated in this thread by me start to appear again (tabs freeze, even going to chrome:settings takes about 40 seconds/1minute, etc...) The game uses Frost Security and I'm thinking it may somehow affect Chrome's performance, but I'm no expert, so it's just a wild guess. This shouldn't happen though, since my computer is powerful enough to handle a year 2000 game with potato graphics and a web browser at the same time (from FRST you can see it's 16gb RAM, SSD, GTX 1060). I'm away from home for at least 5 more days, but I will try to re-create the scenario on my laptop later when I have time and post back here. I don't know if what I make say makes any sense and I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain, but after 2 clean windows installs, following every step from this thread, clean full scans from MB3 and Norton - it seems that the issue may not be adware/virus related anymore, but some conflict of Chrome and this game. FYI when the game is not running Chrome works perfectly. Edit: Is it normal though, that these windows doubleclick.net and yadro.ru are trying to get opened, but are blocked by uBlock? Or is it an indication of infection?
  5. Hello, Sorry for the delayed answer but I'm working on shifts and it's tough o.O I followed your instructions and I've been using Chrome for 20-30 minutes now, without any issues, however this has happened before, and a day later it starts freezing/lagging again. I think we should give it a little more time to see how it performs. The uBlock extensions shows that it blocked sites like doubleclick.net and yadro.ru and after a bit of reading up, it seems that this should not happen. I will post again after a while, but after tomorrow I will be travelling for work for a few days. I hope we can communicate and keep the post alive until the problem is resolved or at least be able to re-create it when I'm back, if the issue still persists. Thank you for sticking up with me so far.
  6. Hello @kevinf80 Yes, unfortunately the issues with Chrome remain.. As I'm writing to you right now (from Edge), Chrome is in the background trying to load the chrome://settings/ page for over a minute.. I ran a full scan with MB3 and Norton last night while I slept, everything comes out clean. I don't know what to do anymore, I've tried all I know @AdvancedSetup tried to help too (thanks!), maybe I should just backup my important files and throw my SSD and hard drive in the trash (desperate times, desperate measures) Edit: I will run another full scan while I sleep tonight and install Chrome on my laptop to see how it works there, I will post the feedback here again
  7. Ok after using Chrome for a while now I am certain that the problem is back - it takes up to 40 seconds to load a web page. In order to describe it better it goes like this: I enter for example http://youtube.com and hit enter. Loading wheel on the Chrome tab starts spinning. The page is not showing up, even though it's loading. Not partially, nothing at all is showing up, blank page remains, and the wheel keeps spinning like it's really loading something. I can just open Edge and load the page there, browse for a while and come back to Chrome and the page is still loading in it. If I go to chrome://settings/ it's the same - starts loading, freezes a couple of times and after about 20-30 seconds the page with the settings finally shows up. I cleaned with AdwCleaner and removed the search engines from the list, but still it's not being resolved. Computer is clean, no dust or anything, clean windows install (fully updated afterwards) was done recently and after that I was following everything in this thread and still it persists. Maybe Chrome requires some framework to be installed in order to be working properly? Should I remove Chrome again with the FRST fix and re-install windows?
  8. Ok I installed Chrome and worked with it for about 15 minutes, no issues for now - no lag, freezing. Everything seems to be looking ok. Without syncing my Google account I scanned with AdwCleaner right after I installed and open Chrome. It shows the same result - PUP.Optional.Legacy They persist in the search engines list again too: AdwCleaner logfile from the scan: AdwCleaner[S111].txt So far although the AdwCleaner results aren't clean, Chrome works fine. I will remove the search engines Aol and Ask, add an AdBlock extension to Chrome and use it for a while and will post feedback on how it behaves.
  9. I have a Windows 10 edition on a USB drive and I have a key. I plugged the usb and did a clean install of Windows 10, formatting my C:\ partition before the install. I just remembered that before the first re-install of Windows (I clean installed it twice) the virus changed my Windows computer password (not the Microsoft one, I don't have a Microsoft account) and I couldn't even get to my desktop. Just thought this might be extra informative for my case, so I'm sharing it. Everything looks ok for now but I have the feeling that if I install Chrome and reset it's settings to default, the virus will be back.. because it happened over 100 times and I find it hard to believe it won't happen again. Edge is running fine, scans from MB3 and AdwCleaner come out clean. Should I go ahead and install Chrome again? P.S. This might take some time for me because I'm moving to a new apartment right now (these days) and I'm going to have to get a new internet provider and get my PC setup going. Please do not delete or close the topic, because I'm here every day and I will definitely post feedback. So just give me a green light to install Chrome again and I will do it. Also should I sync in my Google profile in Chrome, after I install it?
  10. The fixes listed in the article does not help. However I had outdated drivers (since I re-installed windows) and now that everything is updated, it looks/feels normal. Edge is still slow, but normal slow, like it's supposed to work. Is it possible Edge slowness/freezing was just a driver issue? Should I go ahead and install Chrome now?
  11. Alright, so Edge - pages stop responding popping up with a message to recover the page (the message is at the lower part of the screen). Switching between tabs is slow, it often freezes for a few seconds before switching to the tab I've clicked. Often when I start typing in a field (for example the YouTube search bar/box/field) it has a typewriter effect - 0.5 to 2 second delays between my press on the keyboard and the letter appearing on the search field. The whole Edge freezes and I have to F5 a few times to make the page active/not frozen anymore. Many times I have to restart Edge because refreshing the page just won't work
  12. @AdvancedSetup - Edge has similar issues (slowness, freezing - I've described them in a post above) but I can't remove it from the system. I will create a system restore point and install chrome later during the day, and will let you know what happened.
  13. Hi @AdvancedSetup I had Chrome on my laptop so I completed all of the steps we did on the PC on the laptop too. Also disabled sync and cleared private data for Google and Browser and my phone. All devices are with disabled sync and cleared data and after a scan with MB3 and AdwCleaner they all look clean. I synced my phone for the second time and cleared the synced Google data. After that - disabled sync again and cleared data again - just to be sure nothing was saved on Google's storage/cloud. I left my saved passwords un-checked only, I hope that's okay? I can delete them too, if it's necessary. Here are all of the files requested in the previous post: MB3_Scan.txt AdwCleaner[S107].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  14. Hi @AdvancedSetup I applied the fix and attached the Fixlog.txt How are we going to proceed further?
  15. Okay, I removed Chrome and you can find the files attached FRST.txt and Addition.txt
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