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  1. they posted a topic on this but we cant reply to it. My opinion on this is the reason Apple posts Dev and Public betas is so companies can work on an update and get tested. Apple is approaching GM on Mojave soon. They will still take bug reports but it will be the .01 version. Now is the time to put out betas of Malwarebytes so we can test it and work out the kinks before it is released to public probably end of Sept. Also, Mojave has been one of the most Stable beta cycles I have ever used from Apple. Jeff
  2. If installing manually the installer wont install because it is not marked as compatible with this OS. So we could try but it would require a new build. jeff
  3. I bugged the slowness to Apple and it seems a little faster in latest beta. But I also bugged that I keep getting an beta update notice and it wont install. Just hangs for hours. Force quitting the update and then relaunching works. I just cant run the update. Apple responded to this one saying to talk to developers. They said "We are not going to update our OS to update apps that violate our security terms" I think Malwarebytes is trying to install things that were allowed in High Sierra but protected under Mojave. Most likely it is one you can just ask the user to OK and not s
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