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  1. Thanks for that. My support ticket came through a couple of days ago and I stopped the service to install. I wasn't happy with that method as it leaves you vulnerable. Another way the tech helped me was to identify folders to exclude. This allowed me to install the program the program without compromising overall security. It took a while for the assets to refresh but it worked eventually.
  2. It seems since Endpoint Protection has been installed, I am unable to install the latest version of Reckon Accounts. New financial year, updated Tax Tables etc. Does anyone have any idea what to do. I have run as administrator but all the research I do says that it's the anti-malware program not allowing the process. How can I disable it during the install? Any guidance would be appreciated
  3. Hi guys, I had a horrible Ransomware incident that prompted me to close the gate after the horse had bolted. In fairness to me, I thought the gate was shut. Anyway..... I back up my server to an external hard drive and use the WD software that came with the device. I have done a little research and it seems that Malwarebytes is somehow stopping/blocking access to the device. Not helpful as I only seem to be able to back up to the cloud- don't really know if that's working properly either. Can anyone please give me insight as to how to configure the software to "accept" my device and back-
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