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  1. Wow, I wasn't really expecting a quick response on 7/4. Wish I had checked back in earlier. Here is the log I think you're looking for. Unlike n3ilmurphy, it always seems to be the same file for me. And it's always when I open chrome. I also get two riskware warnings from Malwarebytes when I open chrome. No idea if it's related. Defender log.txt
  2. I have Malwarebytes premium 3.5.1 and it's up to date. I have Windows 10. Windows defender keeps saying it detects a trojan win32/malext in mbamclientconfig.json. It seems to happen whenever I start google chrome. After several instances of seemingly removing it and having it come back the next time I started chrome, it finally occurred to me that mbam was malwarebytes, which obviously shouldn't have a trojan embedded in it. Does anybody know what's going on and how to resolve it?
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