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    Luminati SDK

    Hi, We've developed a windows SDK and we would like to white-list our files and process to all web traffic. The process make the requests is net_svc.exe and its' signed with the 'Luminati Networks' certificate. Also all other files signed with 'Luminati Networks' certificate. All requests generated by this process are part of our residential proxy network and don't affect the local user in any way (the response is sent back through our network to our customers without any local processing). In addition you'll find files : lum_sdk.dll, lum_sdk32.dll and lum_sdk64.dll, net_updater32.exe and net_updater64 for whitelisting signed with 'Luminati Networks' certificate. Also we use hola_scv.exe that signed with Hola Networks certificate (our origin company) We are completely transparent towards the user and require explicit agreement to use the Luminati SDK in our partner apps via a dialog. More information about Luminati SDK: https://luminati.io/sdk Thanks, Roi Luminati SDK signed.zip
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