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  1. OK: I read the instruction, but I already had fired Malwarebytes for being arrogant about its inherent "right" to remove programs from my computer without me specifically authorizing that first. Furthermore, the process by which MWB was deleting ASC11 apparently created some kind of software conflict which turned my operating speed to molasses and, on startup, constantly returned the error message, "ASCTray.exe failed to start because rtl120.bpl is missing." I looked, and the file (which accompanies almost all IObit products) was NOT missing. An internet search turned up that many others also are receiving this same error message and apparently are totally mystified re how to fix it. In my case, the error message began appearing after MWB deleted ASC a second time, and that clearly identified the source of the difficulty. Finally, after MWB deleted ASC for the third time in less than two months, I reinstalled ASC, uninstalled MWB, and now the computer runs fine and the error message on startup is gone. I reject Malwarebytes' fix: That, somehow, I have to do something to stop MWB from imposing on me its ideas on what to allow and not. Malwarebytes easily could offer its program with the settings rendered ahead of time to the purported "fix," and if the user wants to change them to something more severe, fine, let him or her do that. But, the current settings are a serious broach of computer etiquette. I understand that MWB is mad at IObit over a matter that went to litigation, but I was not party to that and don't want to be party to that. Until the people at MWB grow up a little, I've solved the problem by removing Malwarebytes from my computer -- there are other programs out there that hunt down malware, and MWB will not be reinstalled on my computer until the policy changes. End of debate.
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