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  1. Closed for me mate! Been running the Web Protection component for 3 days now, no BSOD what so ever. Fixed! Thanks for the support!
  2. Ok mates, been dealing with this headache since yesterday. Same BSOD, same .sys (netio.sys) but different .EXE in my case Agent.exe, related to the BattleNet game platform. More precisely when a game suddenly starts to download a new patch (in my case World of Warcraft). After a couple of minutes of downloading the yet-to-come patch, i'm getting the BSOD. But if i just open the game itself,no BattleNet launcher in the middle, it works like a charm and i dont get a single BSOD. Just disable the Web Protection as said in this thread and it seems to have solved (3h without issues so far). Don't know if this helps much, just wanted to help you guys from Malwarebytes team. We go waaaaayyyy back gonna stick with my homies, you've never failed me!! Heads up when this issue is fixed, mates.
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