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  1. No, its my private computer. I don't know where to find this file. It says: "file: \\tsclient\B\54321\tvsptl.exe"
  2. Hi, Yes I think, there is still Software active since I'm getting these messeges via Windows Defender: Is basically says that "This Program is dangerous, it can execute commands from an attacker. Thanks, Phil
  3. Since I cant find an option to edit my first posts, here an Update: Encryption happend yesterday morning, I was hacked due to a weak password on one of the RDP-Accounts. This User had very limited access-rights and therefore the damage is not too hard. ID of the ransomware: How can I remove this? Thanks Phil
  4. Hello, I was forced to shutdown my Computer after I found out that parts my Harddrive have been encrypted. The were renaimed with a contact Email but I do not remember. Since Bitlocker is used on my Computer and on all three Devices, how do I proceed from here? Thanks for any advice in advance. Phil
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