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  1. Sorry but I don’t see how you guys went from “we think we’ve got the root problem identified” to “ we have no clue” Also, I find it surprising you’re asking us to voluntarily BSOD ourselves to help fix your product. I understand you can’t seem to replicate it, but you’re asking us to do something that may harm our computers here. Not cool.
  2. I will admit that if I saw this problem 3 weeks ago when I purchased my subscription, I probably wouldn’t have bought it and stood with webroot. That being said, is there a trustworthy version of 3.4.5 anywhere? I apologize if I missed it in the thread
  3. Weird, mins happened when i was downloading the overwatch update. IO started researching it immediately and arrived to turning off the web filtering and kept going with the update, no problems since. Maybe something to do with battle.net?
  4. Hi, any ETA on this? Add me to the list of crashes... I just bought MBAM premium for myself, dad, and sister after singing it's praises and waiting for webroot's protection to expire. Now as soon as I buy it, im crashing. Figures..
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