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  1. i'm sorry to have to write again, but we have a very strange thing going on here. I have added www.yahoo.com to my exclusion list, and I am still getting the 'suspicious activity' message. I've attached screen shot of my exclusions list.
  2. NO sir, it was NOT today.. You suggested I update to version 1.0.391 a few days ago, the day that I upgraded to premium. And so, I've had this version 1.0.391 for several days and the problem with Yahoo commenced yesterday. If you look at your post from TUESDAY, time-stamped 6:02PM, you will see that this is when you first suggested that i do the BETA APPLICATION UPDATES.. So today is Thursday, and I did the BETA APP UPDATES on Tuesday.
  3. I have the same version information as above (you suggested this the other day to me... I know you communicate with many customers, so you probably don't remember).
  4. if i add yahoo.com to my exclusion list, will all potential sub-sites within yahoo be exluded?
  5. hi, I think you probably don't remember, but I did this the other day. I did try it again right now and there were no updates available. Can you tell me how to add yahoo.com to my exclusion list? thanks.
  6. well, can i add yahoo.com to an exclusion list so I don't get the message every time i access it? I use yahoo.com quite a bit! thanks.
  7. well, ok. will i be notified when the bug is fixed?
  8. Hello, I was not home when I got your response and my PC was turned off. WHen i got home and powered it on, it opened yahoo and remained open for about 1 minute (or maybe a little less), and then I got the message again about the "suspicious activity". I turned off WEB PROTECTION and restarted the PC, and went to the kitchen for a few minutes to make lunch. YAHOO opened without a problem, so I am guessing the problem is with WEB PROTECTION. I am guessing (1) it is OK to go to yahoo.com, and since this is the only website with the issue, (2) I am also guessing its ok to turn WEB PROTECTION back on. (3) I would request that you contact me once with issue is resolved although (4) it isn't really too good that the program is telling me that there is "suspicious activity" when I shouldn't be getting the message. How would I know if it is an accurate threat or not? Please let me know. thanks. alan
  9. hello, I am still having a strange problem. I have my computer configured to open to my YAHOO page within firefox. I did the updates you suggested (extension for firefox and the beta app update). when my computer opens to the yahoo page, malwarebytes sends a message stating the "website is blocked due to suspicious activity" (see attachment). I am only going directly to www.yahoo.com, I do not understand why this is happening, nor do I know what to do about it. thanks. alan yahoo block.docx
  10. Hello, I've decided to run the ZIP file and send it to you because I've had some strange things happen here. First, I was away from home today and turned on my PC; my start options open my firefox to the yahoo page. After it finished booting and went into the internet, i looked up at the desktop and found one of those 3rd party, phoney web-sites that warn you your PC is infected-- asking for my user name and password and telling me to call a toll-free number immediately. I could not get off the page and had to re-boot my PC. When I PC came back up, I went into malwarebytes. When i click on the icon next to the clock, it says that Web Protection is off. When I opened malwarebytes the first time, both two of the options were off, and I could not turn them on.i think they were web protection and malware protection. I exited the program and went back in; all four items said to be turned on within the program, but the little pop=up still says that web protection is off (see two photos). NOt a great start here.... please help! thanks! mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. thanks for the info, it all looks good. BTW, one more question. I've been using mcafee for many years, but your product seems to be really good. Do I need both, or does malwarebytes cover everything? thanks
  12. Hello, i just upgraded today; i bought a three license package. So far, I have installed it on two of the PCs. I can send you the logs, but can you tell me first: when I power on the PC, should I see it running in the background? how can i tell? thanks.
  13. Hello all, great program here. I am wondering, is malwarebyes running in the background of my PC? I have an HP workstation, with windows 7. It seems that I need to start the program whenever I power on the PC. Does malwarebytes need to be running in the background and, if yes, how can I configure it to run whenever I turn on the PC? thanks!
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