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  1. I removed Malwarebytes but still have the problem. I have not yet removed Ccleaner. An odd thing is that yesterday a short day at work, so came home and began toying with the PC. Created a manual restore point and all seemed fine until the evening. So IS something on the system wiping points out after 6pm or just a big coincidence? adding this to the ccleaner forum.
  2. I thought the problem of disappearing restore points caused byba 3rd party program/scan - but yes i think its Windows. last nite when i logged in I created a restore point. Then another hr later. Then another. By 10 pm - all gone !
  3. Yes, use ccleaner. originally i thought the culprit was superantispyware - there was a setting that was unchecked - ignore system restore points. I checked it. Ran it and every thing ok- other than a ton of suspicious entries. Super has been finding a ton ss compared to windows 7. So must be an issue within windows itself. The Microsoft community had no answers. Ugggh.
  4. Forgot to add - my ssd has 232 available GB’s.
  5. Mine set at 5% as well or 11gb. At one point i only had 3 manual restore points - so that cant be excessive.
  6. For some reason after a scan and a reboot of my win 10 pc, my manually saved restore points are gone. Not sure if its malwarebytes or not - so is there a setting its program that i need to change?
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