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  1. How do I locate my protection log?
  2. Website address is... https://english.thekotel.org/kotel/kotel_cameras/ Forgot to add it. No edit button available.
  3. I cannot view the webcams at the Kotel because it's being blocked. I've been a viewer at this website for years and now I can't view it with any browser. How do I fix this? I've tried adding the URL in the exclusion tab, it doesn't work.
  4. Ok it somehow got solved. I redownloaded the installation file again, even though I did a download yesterday and more than 12 hours later, tried downloading again and ran a reinstall. This time it worked, the icons are now back in the system tray and it’s now running scans without my intervention. You can mark this as solved. Thanks for trying to help me. Appreciate your time.
  5. I went ahead and reran the installer and the program rebooted my system, then the program appeared on the screen as well as the icon appearing on the system task bar. However, I had shut down the computer, booted back up and the program's icon disappeared from the system task bar just like I showed you on my screenshot. So reinstalling only tempoarily fixes the problem until I shut down my computer and turn it back on and the same problem returns. Also, I got these weird double icons with no picture after had reran the installer.
  6. I tried double clicking on the Malwarebyte icon to make the program pop up on my desktop and it's not responding.
  7. Please disregard about problems signing into the forum, I figured it out. Now I read about Avast and ran the "emergency update" command and nothing came up, plus the first post was dated from August 21st, so the emergency update may have already passed, But the problem with the system tray not showing the Malwarebyte icon as shown on my screenshot provided to you still continues, I see it on the Task Manager, but it does not show up on the system tray icon. Come to think of it, I have not seen it do my scheduled scans daily and report back to me, nothing, It's not doing my scheduled scan
  8. Done and attached. I am also having issues with the sign in with the website. It's refusing to remember my password and I have to click "recover password" and change my password and it lets me in in order for me to post. After I leave the website, I have to sign back in and it says my username and password does not match. I don't understand why. I use my email address as my username and then the password. ? Thank you for replying, btw. Yizuman mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Malwarebytes is not loading into the system tray, however, the task manager says it's running, but I cannot see it on the task bar. I reinstalled the program yesterday after noticing it was not loading at all and the Task Manager was showing loading spams, so uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to have fixed it. But now it does not show up on the system task bar. I am running windows 10 with the latest updates. Including a screenshot.
  10. I did the same for Avast and added the game to the exclusion list. Same problem.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll wait until it out of beta stage. The game won't go anywhere anytime soon, since I bought the game cheap on sale from Steam.
  12. I do not like the idea of disabling web protection because I may forget to turn it back on after playing the game. This thread looks like it's been a while since anything last was posted, has there been any solutions yet?
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